About Us

CKS Foundation is a secular, apolitical, charitable and not for profit organisation, which caters to the needs of people of all religions, faiths and beliefs, including non-believers. The founding trustees are Chandra Kumar Sharma, a retired officer of the Indian Administrative Service, and Poonam Sharma, an advocate by profession.

The Trust has its headquarters in New Delhi, with its activities spread over Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Vision and Mission

The CKS Foundation has been set up with the vision to help the under-privileged children break free from their socio- economic barriers through quality education. To fulfill this vision, the mission of the Foundation is to set up ‘Education Centers’, with trained teachers and E-learning systems, to provide quality and value based education, in rural as well as urban areas.

The Foundation works for the three-fold cause of Conservation, Knowledge and Service. Conservation of natural resources, knowledge through value based education, and service through relief and rehabilitation measures in times of natural calamities are the highlights of its activities.